​​​​​​​Ifé Creative Works, founded by Mellody Duckie (Ifé), is an independent film production company with a focus on creating and promoting screenplays that are content-rich, high-quality, and original. "I credit Dr. Kelly, FAU College of Nursing, for letting me know that I didn't have to do bedside nursing, and to my classmates who told me that I seemed to have missed my calling for writing. It was while I was in Nursing School at FAU that I realized my passion for writing and have not put the pen down since!" Even though ​​​​​​​Ifé went on to graduate school at NSU and obtained a degree in Health Law, and worked for various health insurance companies over the years, she has always felt the void. ​​​​​​​Ifé formed Ifé Creative works with her husband of 20+ years as a medium to tell her stories. "I am happy to announce that we wrapped shooting our first feature film on July 7th. I feel blessed and thank everyone who played a role in making it happen."

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Ifé Creative Works, Inc., aims to deliver quality entertainment that is original, enriching, and inspiring. Ifé, a name that originates from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria means ‘Love,' which includes a love of the Arts and Culture. Ifé Creative Works embraces this definition and strives to add artistic value to the entertainment experience with imaginative, edifying, superior, and often thought-provoking creations. At Ifé Creative Works, Inc., we think, create and entertain with excellence in style and expression.

1st Feature film

Ifé Creative Works presents its first feature film "A Place in the Dark' written by Ifé Duckie and being filmed locally in South Florida. We are currently in the early stages of post-production, and can't even begin to tell you how thrilled we are with this project!  It's an emotionally gripping story about a tragic loss and its far-reaching consequences, and the journey through self-forgiveness while learning to live and love again. It's an unlikely love story that will pull you into the lives of very interesting and complex characters. You'll also enjoy talented actors as they captivate you with compelling performances.

I love writing because it's my passion. When I write, I think about stories that are moving, that have depth, pulls at emotions, and are full of life! I believe that it's important for an audience to "feel" the story. As we continue to participate in a growing and competitive South Florida film industry, our aim at Ifé Creative Works is to create original, and compelling content, and produce quality films that people will want to watch over and over again.

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funding campaign

Ifé Creative Works continues its funding campaign for 'Love in the Balance', written by  Ifé Duckie. It's a riveting story about love and conflict, with a lot of twists and turns, that will keep you guessing and wanting for more. Help fund us!


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